Technology from Comsys balances electrical grids around the world

An idea developed by three students at Lund University has grown into a global export product. ADF Power Tuning is a Swedish invention that balances the electrical grid, helping to prevent downtime for activities where a stable power supply is crucial.

In the early 2000s three students at the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University worked together to develop the technology behind the Comsys product ADF Power Tuning. Simply put, this is a form of noise reduction for electrical grids, a method of balancing and stabilising the flow of electrical energy to prevent costly downtime and reduce energy consumption. 

The company was born in Lund and still has its laboratory and headquarters here with a 24 strong workforce. Production itself takes place in Åtvidaberg.

"We benefit by being able to say that our products are Swedish, which is synonymous with quality when we meet our partners and customers abroad" says Marcus Löfgren, CEO (to the right).

And it is the export market that is important to Comsys. Growth is at 30 percent for each of the last five years and the company sells to partners in 48 different countries around the world. Their products are often found in industries such as wind power, water treatment and data centres, but also at sea, as the system is used in shipboard electrical systems. Customers such as MAX IV, Tetra Pak, Öresundskraft and Sandvik operate in the home market in southern Sweden.

"We once supplied products to an onion dryer in the Netherlands and a particle accelerator in Italy in a single week, so you can see our products really are used in a wide spectrum of industries" says Rickard Jacobson, Head of Sales and Marketing at Comsys AB (left).

Taking an active part in the sustainable development of energy supply is high on the agenda for Comsys. An ongoing development project is the addition of an energy storage feature to ADF Power Tuning; one application being to optimise the charging of electric cars and buses. On this Comsys is partnering with Kraftringen and Volvo Buses.

"Electric buses need to be charged very quickly, and this can impact the electrical grid and cause disruption. This is something we are trying to find a solution to" says Rickard Jacobson.


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