The solution is in the backpack

Kirill Noskov left a well-paid job to develop a product that gives people more time to work out. With his ergonomic backpack "Iamrunbox" it is possible to jog to work with both a change of clothes and a computer. Now he is thinking about his next innovation - an easy-to-wear and technology-enabled backpack that would help make the school day easier for children.

When Kirill Noskov decided to join The Creative Plot’s startup accelerator, Barcamper, he had a well-paid full-time job at a multinational company. On the side, he had begun to think about a product that he would like to have - a box that would make it possible to run to work without wrinkling his work clothes.

"I left my job because I wanted to have more time and also wanted to do something important," explains Kirill Noskov. “Iamrunbox is an effective tool that I missed having when time was a crucial factor. I see Iamrunbox as a social innovation. For example, if 20 percent of those who work chose to run or cycle to work instead of taking a car or bus, it would be a big social gain, both through increased sustainability and by helping people become healthier, happier and more effective.”

Before starting with Barcamper, Kirill Noskov had already sold about a thousand units of Iamrunbox, which at the time was a box that could be put in other bags. Customers were satisfied but also began asking for a backpack that made it possible to bring a computer along on the run. So in conjunction with Barcamper, Kirill designed an ergonomic backpack that holds a computer in place and, with the help of a “folding assistant”, keeps clothes in good condition. The backpack also works well for shorter business trips.

"With Barcamper, I became a full-time entrepreneur," says Kirill. “I conducted a Kickstarter campaign and digital crowdfunding, bringing in 87 investors and 2.3 million Swedish crowns.”

That was a boost for the company, and nowadays the backpack is sold not only in several Swedish cities, but also in Hong Kong, Singapore, Copenhagen and London, as well as online at

What was the most important help you received from Barcamper?

"I would say it was help with both the business plan and bringing together different aspects of the project. It was also really good to get feedback from skilled experts who understood what I wanted to do and with whom I could exchange ideas.”

Now Kirill is thinking about his next move, a new ergonomic backpack for kids - Kidbox.

"Many children use a backpack as a schoolbag, but the backpacks are often both unattractive and uncomfortable. I think we have the capacity to make a really good backpack for children and we could use the same basic design as for Iamrunbox.”

Before starting to produce the children’s backpack, Kirill is considering what additional features it might include.

"I think we could integrate technology into the backpack. I don’t know yet exactly what kind of technology, but battery chargers and GPS would be useful. I would like to have a large company like Trivector as a partner, but we are not yet finished with our discussions.”

Next-generation backpacks for active people will also be launched soon. At the moment, Kirill Noskov and his team are determining what they will look like and how best to launch them.

"I am excited about and happy with how the company has developed so far and am looking forward to growing it even more!”


  • Noskov created the backpack for joggers with business attire.
  • The bag is ergonomically designed and makes it easy to fold clothes so they do not get wrinkled.
  • There is also a place for a computer and the bag is constructed so that it does not bounce when one runs.


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