AQ Elautomatik – An Important Part of Many Innovations

For more than thirty years AQ Elautomatik has produced electrical equipment and electric cabinets for demanding industrial customers both in Lund and around the world. Yet those outside the industry seldom hear about AQ Elautomatik because they are subcontractors – in many cases for well-known machine and process suppliers.

AQ Elautomatik has offices and manufacturing facilities in the Gastelyckan district in eastern Lund, in which electric cabinets are constructed and assembled. They also have a design and engineering office that can help with the electrical design of electric cabinets. Electric cabinets can be parts of machines and processes, as well as used in different parts of the market segments.

“With the help of our engineering department, we can go from an idea and produce prototypes for our customers,” says Patrik Olsson, marketing coordinator for AQ Elautomatik. “Prototype production can then be scaled up to higher volume production when needed. We have many different kinds of customers and have done many types of work over the years.”

Bodil Parfors and Patrik Olsson from AQ Elautomatik present an electric cabinet used for demonstration.

AQ Elautomatik has both Swedish and international customers and has been involved in creating many different products for more than thirty years – yet the company name is seldom heard because it is the customers who are original manufacturer of product and are the owners of the projects.

ESS is one customer who has chosen to publicly describe its cooperation with AQ Elautomatik. 

“We have been involved in a project where we manufactured a klystron modulator for a particle accelerator, where particles are accelerated for 540 meters in a controlled manner. In this project we did the first prototype production of the accelerator part. The prototype will remain as a reference project,” according to Patrik Olsson.

Additionally, AQ Elautomatik is allowed to identify a few customers from the academic world. “We work with LTH in order to move projects forward from ideas to prototypes,” says Patrik Olsson. “Sometimes we work directly with university students to realize machines and processes. It is interesting to catch entrepreneurs and businesses in growing areas, in Lund as well as the whole Öresund Region.”

Electrifying the vehicle industry is an important green future area. It means that AQ can be involved in building batteries as well as constructing power distribution for various electric vehicles. AQ has been manufacturing transformers for European and Asian trains for a long time and now they plan to supply other products for cars, trucks, and boats.

How is it to be involved in technological development in this way?

“It is great fun and interesting to be involved with innovation companies from the start. There are many customers who we have followed along with on the long journey from prototype to scale-up. Even existing customers have to go back to the drawing board often to develop further and find innovative solutions to drive their companies forward.”

AQ Elautomatik is a part of the AQ Group with 6,500 employees in 40 companies distributed across 16 countries. Companies within the Group specialize in different areas such as injection molding, inductive components, wiring, sheet metal processing, system products, special techniques and engineering and of course electric cabinets. This means that AQ Group can coordinate production of many different products and types of machines – such as complex food and drink machines. Together the AQ Group has an annual turnover of approximately SEK 4.7 billion (€440 million) and 3,000 customers worldwide in everything from vehicles and electronics to the engineering, food, medical, and telecommunications industries.

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